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♥Brillancia-Dress Rebecca Fat Pack♥OG. Shopping poses♥VeM Sac Montaigne Chic-bag At THIRSTY Event♥

♕ # 221 If you can't stop thinking about it, BUY it! ♕

Sponsor: THIRSTY Event

. The dress, pose pack and the bag used in this picture are at THIRSTY Event

. Opens from 15th November to 5th December

✥ Store: Brillancia

Dress & Sleeves

♥Brillancia - Dress Rebecca Fat Pack♥

. Includes dress and sleeves

. Includes HUD Metal, HUD dress, HUD sleeves, HUD Lace dress and HUD Lace sleeves

. Dress It has 2 colours metals & 8 colours for the dress and sleeves.

, Fitted for :

- Legacy

- Legacy Perky

- Maitreya

- Maitreya Petite

- Belleza Freya

- Kupra

- Kupra Kups

✥ Store: ◦ OG ◦

Pose Pack

♥OG. Shopping♥

. Includes HUD

. It has 6 poses animation, mirrors ones and poses stands.

. Poses can look a little different when you add pose. This will be because everybody has another body shape.

. This poses works with all bento hands

✥ Store: VeM Sac Montaigne


♥ VeM Sac Montaigne Chic ♥

. The VeM Sac Montaigne Chic bag is 100% original mesh.

. It is available in 20 individual colours or as a FATPACK.HUD

, Option for carrying the bag on the hand and elbow.

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