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♥CODEX SAKURA EARRING Swallow Pixie S♥REED ESIRE♥Dernier Bianca"Eyes♥ RJ NecklacesValensiya♥

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

♕ #297 Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light ♕

Sponsor: CODEX

✥ Earrings

CODEX_SAKURA EARRINGS SET Swallow Pixie S ♥ at Neo-Japan SL Event

. New Release for this event

. Opens on 26th Marts

. S EARS LEL EVOX for Woman

. 100% original Mesh and Textures.

. 9 HD Metal Texture

. 8 HD Stone colours

. Show/Hide Independent parts and colours

. Control HUD

Codex Mainstore

Codex Marketplace

Codex Flickr

Codex Facebook

Sponsor: Romazin Jewelry

♥ - Necklaces <Valensiya>♥ at Romazin Jewelry Mainstore

. 9 Metal Texture

. 8 HD Stone colours

. Resize

. Control HUD

. 100% original Mesh and Textures.

Romazin Jewelry Mainstore

Romazin Jewelry Marketplace

Romazin Jewelry Flickr

Romazin Jewelry Facebook

Sponsor: REED Store


♥ REED - DESIRE SET ♥at REED Mainstore & REED Marketplace

. It comes with HUD 05 colours that you can Mix & Match

. It is compatible with mesh bodies:

• Legacy

• Maitreya

• Kupra

REED Mainstore

REED Marketplace

REED Flickr

REED Facebook

Sponsor: Dernier


♥: Dernier : "Bianca" Eyeshadow ♥ at Dernier Mainstore

This Eyeshadow is available in 6 tones.

- Lelutka HD (Works on Classic & Evo X)

- Lelutka Evo X BAKES ON MESH

Dernier Mainstore

Dernier Marketplace

Dernier Flickr

Dernier Facebook

Dernier Instagram

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