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♥D0llz HOT Tamale PANTS SUPER & BOM SHEER TOPS♥ CH Skins HISAKO ♥[PureRich] SILIT-{Jewel}-{Hand}♥

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

♕ # 261 People say you do not know what You have got till it is gone. Truth is You knew what You had, You just never thought You would lose it ♕

Sponsor: POSH Event

.The Pants, top & bag used in this picture is at POSH Event

. Opens from 1th to 23rd February

✥ Store: D0llz

Pants & Top

♥D0llz HOTTamale PANTS SUPER ♥

. Includes top, pants, garter.

. Fitted for Legacy, IMPRESSION Inithium Kupra, BBW & eBody Reborn

. Includes more than 10 texture colours options for Jean Denim, Plastic and Lace.

. It can be purchased separately.


. Includes top BOM options.

. Includes more than 10 texture colours options for it

. It can be purchased separately.

✥ Store: Saija


♥Saija - Duffy Bag ♥

. Includes 7 texture colours options for it

POSH Event

POSH Event Facebook

POSH Flickr

POSH Event Instagram

Sponsor : [CHSkins]

✥ Skin

♥[CHSkins] HISAKO Fat Pack SKIN EVO X♥ at WIP event

.Opens from 2nd to 22nd February

. Fitted for Lelutka X

. Fitted for many bodies: Belleza, legacy, Maitreya, slink, etc

. Includes Full head and body skin, ears tattoos, eyebrows and no eyebrows options, cleavage and not cleavage option.

After the event, the skin can be located at [CHSkins] Mainstore

[CHSkins] Mainstore

[CHSkins] Marketplace

[CHSkins] Facebook

[CHSkins] Flickr

Sponsor: [PureRich]

✥ Jewel-Hand

♥[PureRich] SILIT-{Jewel}-{Hand}♥ at[PureRich] Mainstore & [PureRich]Marketplace

. Fitted for: - Maitreya, TMP Legacy, Belleza Isis, Freya & Venus,

- Love Body Mommy, Kalhene Erika & Analexa

- Inithium Kupra, eBody Reborn, Signature Alice,

- SLink Hourglass, Tonic Curvy & Fine beauty

- Cinnamon & Chai.

. Includes HUD with:

- 60 Preset colours, 12 Custom colours,

- Inspirational colours sets, 3 Shiny modes, Glow, Full Bright, & Materials.

[PureRich] Mainstore


[PureRich] Flickr

[PureRich] Facebook

[PureRich] Website

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