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♥ :Dernier: "Cardi" Dress ♥ ♥ Orsini Jewelry QUEENIE Necklace♥

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

♕ #82 Always wear your invisible crown ♕

Sponsor : Dernier

✥ Outfit

♥ :Dernier: "Cardi" Dress ♥ at Dernier Mainstore

Dernier Mainstore

Dernier Marketplace

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Featuring: Orsini Jewelry


♥ Orsini Jewelry QUEENIE Necklace♥ compatible Maitreya, Legacy and Inithium.

at The Inithium Event & After the event at Orsini Jewelry Mainstore

Orsini Jewelry Mainstore

Orsini Jewerly Marketplace

Orsini Jewerly Flickr

Orsini Jewerly Facebook

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