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♥: Dernier "Hallowjuicy" Lipstick ♥ ♥Lexa - Burn Scar Lel EvoX BOM♥ ::Loa:: Azath Eyes & Eyes bags♥

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

♕ # 193 Red hair, angelic face and devil eyes ♕

Sponsor: Dernier


♥: Dernier: "Hallowjuicy" Lipstick (FATPACK)♥ at Dernier Mainstore

This lipstick is available in 6 tones.

- Lelutka HD (Works on Classic & Evo X)

- Lelutka Evo X BAKES ON MESH

Dernier Mainstore

Dernier Marketplace

Dernier Flickr

Dernier Facebook

Dernier Instagram

Sponsor: Lexa Cosmetics Store

Burn Scar

♥Lexa - Burn Scar Lel EvoX BOM♥ at Halow Manor Event

. New Release

. Opens from 15th October to 1st November

. UNISEX Lexa - Burn Scar Lel EvoX BOM

- Burn Scar Soft 30%

- Burn Scar Soft 50%

- Burn Strong Soft 70%

- Burn Strong Soft 100%

. After the event: Lexa cosmetics Mainstore

Lexa cosmetics Mainstore

Lexa cosmetics Marketplace

Lexa cosmetics Flickr

Lexa cosmetics Facebook

Sponsor: Löa

Eyes & Eye Bags

. Both are Exclusive for the Chronicles & Legends Event

. New Release

. Opens from 9th to 31st October

♥ ::Loa:: Azath Eyes Pack ~LeLutka/OMEGA/Mesh/BOM~♥

.These eyes has 6 tones.

. For Lelutka (Works on EVO & Evo X)

. BOM, Omega & Mesh Eyes.

♥ ::Loa:: Azath Eye Bags ~LeLutka EVO X~ [BOM] ♥

, Tattoos will only work with the EVO X line of Lelutka Heads.

. This pack includes 2 different eye bag options (regular and small)

. Each one of them with 2 different opacities and in 5 different tones each -20 eye bag tattoos-.

Löa Mainstore Löa Marketplace

Löa Flickr

Löa Facebook

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