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♥[Eternus]Juliana Garter♥THE ZHULO13 Event♥THIRSTY Event♥ ♥[Mow]Evening♥

♕ # 262 Always remember just be YOU-tiful ♕

Sponsor : [Eternus]


♥[Eternus] Juliana Garter ♥ at [Eternus] Mainstore

. Includes :

. 3 independent garter that can be used separated or together.

. Hud Details Driven - 7 colours for garter and gems & 4 colours for metal.

. Materials enabled.

. Compatible with:

- Maitreya+Petite

- Legacy+Perky

- Kupra Original+Kups

- Reborn

[Eternus] Mainstore

[Eternus] Marketplace

[Eternus] Flickr

[Eternus] Facebook

Sponsor: THE ZHULO13 Event

The Vanity Table and tattoo used in this picture are THE ZHULO13 Event

. Open from 13th February to 4th Marts


Vanity Table

♥DIFFERENCE Vanity Table V.6 ADULT ♥

. This vanity comes with more than 30 animations (static and animated poses)

. Includes single,cuddle & adult poses.

✥ Store: ArTattoo


♥ArTattoo Serenity♥

. Includes BOM tattoo layer

. Includes 50%, 75% and 100% opacity tattoos options.

. Omega applier.


THE ZHULO13 Facebook

THE ZHULO13 Flickr

Sponsor: MOW


♥[Mow] Evening Outfit ♥ at MOW Mainstore

. Includes :

. Bra and panties (set)

. Hud Driven - 8 colours.

. Materials enabled.

. Compatible with:

- Maitreya

- Legacy

- Kupra

- Perky

- Freya

- HG

- Reborn

MOW Mainstore

MOW Marketplace

MOW Flickr

MOW Facebook

Sponsor: THIRSTY Event

. Pose pack & Backdrop used in this picture are at THIRSTY Event

. Opens from 15th February. to 5th Marts

✥ Store : NinetyFive

Pose Pack

♥NinetyFive - Just Basic V1♥

.Bento Pose Pack

.Includes 1 pose

✥ Store: The Bearded Guy


♥Infinite room - The Bearded Guy ♥

. Fatpack includes many colours and options backdrops.

. You can buy in the event single colours too.,

. The colours look a bit darker due to the Windlight I used for the picture,

. Advanced lights are recommended.

THIRSTY Event Landmark

THIRSTY Event Flickr

THIRSTY Event Facebook

THIRSTY Event Discord

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