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♥evoShop Event: ALTER EGO ZENA PACK♥[EA] Beatriz Dress Stawberry♥ Watercolor-Arabella BOM Tattoo♥

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

♕ # 269 ...Confidence is something that comes from inside, it is your moment OWN IT! ♕

Sponsor: evoShop Event

. Alter Ego dress, Enigma Apparel dress and Watercolor tattoo used in this picture are at evoShop Event

. 60L$ Only this Weekend Marts 5 - Marts 6!

. All Weekends sales in 1 HUD (no-TP)

❗🎉no-TP buy-INHUD -

Meena Rae is wearing the outfit from :

✥ Store: ALTER EGO ✥



. Includes Dress.

. Fitted for Kalhene Erika, Maitreya & Legacy.

. Includes BOM stockings.

Cecil Møller is wearing the outfit from :

✥ Store: Enigma Apparel


♥[EA] Beatriz Dress Stawberry♥ </a>

. Includes Dress.

. Fitted for Maitreya, Petite, Legacy & Kupra.

Both girls are using the Tattoo from Watercolor :

✥ Store: Watercolor


♥- Watercolor - Arabella BOM Tattoos ♥

. Includes BOM layer.

. Includes faded, normal and fresh intensities tattoo.

Click on this link EvoShop Hud Marketplace for getting the hud.

Collab with my big sister and 100 % Credits of Picture from Meena Rae

evoShop Event

evoShop Event Flickr

evoShop Event Facebook

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