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♥FAGA - Jess Hairstyle - [PRO PACK]♥ UNIK EVENT♥ eBENTO event ♥

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

♕ # 393 The beauty you carry, it resides in your eyes ♕

Sponsor: FAGA


♥FAGA - Jess Hairstyle - [PRO PACK]♥ Access Event

. Open 12th October to 8th November

This Bento and rigged hairstyle Includes:

Basic Pack:

• 3 colour packs HUDs

• 396 Color FULL PACK

• 3 head sizes

• Materials, Fullbirght, Glow and Tint HUD

• Color change for accessories

• Option of materials + Full Shine + Glow.

Style Pack:

• 4 customizable styles for hair.

FAGA Mainstore

FAGA Flickr

FAGA Facebook

FAGA Markerplace

Sponsor: UNIK Event

. The skin & eyes used in this picture are at UNIK Event Landmark

. Opens from 7th to 28th October

✥ Store: [CHSkins]


♥[CHSkins] STELLA FAT PACK Skin - LeL Evo X ♥

. Includes Skin head and ears.

. Includes 11 tones

✥ Store: Maktub Store

Maktub Store

♥Maktub Store - Lust Eyes Fatpack ♥

. Includes HUD eyes colors

. Includes for

- Lelutka evox, Genus and BOM eyes

UNIK Event Landmark

UNIK Event Flickr

UNIK Event Facebook

UNIK Event Website

Sponsor: eBENTO The Event

. The earrings & Nails used in this event are at eBENTO The Event

.Opens from 11th to 30th October

✥ Store: *AG*


♥*AG* lantern earring&ornament♥

. Includes earrings & HUD Colours

✥ Store: Lexa


♥Lexa - Odea Coffin Nails ♥

. Includes Nails

. Fitted for Belleza, reborn, kupra, legacy, maitreya and slink.

eBENTO The Event

eBENTO The Event Website

eBENTO The Event Facebook

eBENTO The Event Flickr

eBENTO The Event Instagram

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