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♥Happy Event : Rara Poses - Dani & Blum♥{The Boobies Planet} Event: Aitne: Roxy♥

♕ # 376 Shhhh!...Time to dream! ♕

Sponsor: Happy Event

. The bodysuit & Pose used in this picture are at Happy Event

. Opens from 13th to 28th July

✥ Store: Rara Poses


♥Rara Poses - Dani ♥

. Includes Pose Stand

. Includes 3 poses

✥ Store :BLUM

. Bags

♥BLUM. Goodie Bags ♥

. Includes 2 kinds of goodie bags.

. Includes mouth and hand options

Happy Event

Happy Event Flickr

Happy Event Facebook

Happy Event Website

Sponsor: {The Boobies Planet} Event

.The bodysuit used in this picture are at {The Boobies Planet} Event

Opens from 9th to 23rd August

✥ Store: .Aitne.

♥.Aitne. Roxy bodysuit - FATPACK♥

. Includes bodysuit.

. Includes HUD many options colours

.Fitted for:

- Legacy/Perky

- Maitreya

- Kupra

- Reborn

- Erika

{The Boobies Planet} Event

{The Boobies Planet} Event Flickr

{The Boobies Planet} Event Facebook

{The Boobies Planet} Event Discord

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