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♥Happy Event: Vegas Outifit PRNTZ &*E.M.* Happy Pose ♥Gemini -Dani Pleaser Sandals♥

♕# 322 She is like a natural disaster that no one can stop. Meanwhile, she is building her empire in high heels...♕

Sponsor: Happy Event

. The Outfit & Pose used in this picture are at Happy Event

. Opens from 13th to 28th May

✥ Store: PRNTZ


♥Vegas Outfit PRNTZ ♥

• Includes Bra, Shorts & Tee

. Includes HUD with 10 colours & Patterns Tees

Compatible with:

- Maitreya

- Legacy

- Kupra

✥ Store :*E.M.*

. Pose

♥*E.M.* Happy Pose ♥

. Includes Single Pose.

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Featuring: Gemini Store

✥ Sandals

♥Gemini -Dani Pleaser Sandals- COOL PACK & WARM PACK♥ at # BigGirl Event

The event opens 13th to 30th May

.Includes HUD for the 6 customizable parts, 10 colors, metal


. Fitted for:

- Legacy /Perky

- Maitreya / Petite

- Kupra / Kups

- Reborn

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Music Inspired : Anuel AA - El Manual

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