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♥ Limited Addiction - LOTD 160 ♥♥Aitne. Collar Cross ♥♥Aitne. Crystal crown ♥ ♥ *DS* PDT ♥

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

♕ # Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters ♕

Sponsor: Limited Addiction


♥ Limited Addiction - LOTD 160 ♥ at Limited Addiction Mainstore & Limited Addiction Marketplace

. Includes top, skirt, and arm warmers.

. Fitted for Maitreya & Legacy.

Limited Addiction Mainstore

Limited Addiction Marketplace

Limited Addiction Flickr

Limited Addiction Facebook

Sponsor: Aitne


♥.Aitne. Collar Cross ♥ at Aitne Mainstore & Aitne Marketplace

. Includes 8 color /Resize / open collar

. 100% Original Mesh**


♥.Aitne. Crystal crown ♥ at The Darkness Event

. Opens 5th to 28th August

. 14 colors /Resize / Animated

Aitne Mainstore

Aitne Marketplace

Aitne Flickr

Aitne Facebook

Sponsor: Sinners Event

✥ Store : *DaeSigns*

Typing override.

♥ *DS* PDT ♥ at Sinners Event

. Includes NC with chat commands.

. Includes also a typer control hud to change the options.

. For your own typing-sound put a sound file into the object.

. You can replace the current animation with your own.

Sinners Event

Sinners Flickr

Sinners Facebook

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