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♥::Loa:: Zoe Skin ~LeLutka EVO X Applier~♥♥::Loa:: Stelle Eyes Pack~LeLutka/OMEGA/Mesh/BOM~♥

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

# 230 If you have Faith, don't worry. This is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase in the darkness ♕

Sponsor: Löa


♥♥::Loa:: Zoe Skin ~LeLutka EVO X Applier~♥ at Löa Mainstore

• New release skin for Wanderlust Weekend Event for 50L

• Multiple options are included in every skin pack, each one of them.

• Find her in 7 different tones, with and without brows, as well as with and without freckles.

• Shape for Gaia 3.1 Head included HD ears texture.

This pack includes:

♥ No freckles & brows version of the skin in a tattoo layer (no label)

♥ No freckles & no brows version of the skin in a tattoo layer (labelled as NB)

♥ Freckles & brows version of the skin in a tattoo layer (labelled as FK)

♥ Freckles & no brows version of the skin in a tattoo layer (labelled as FK NB)

♥ HD Ears texture in universal layer [BOM]

♥ Cute Blush -copy & mod- [BOM]

♥ Eyes Blush -copy & mod- [BOM]

♥ Nose Blush -copy & mod- [BOM]

♥ Shape (copy & mod)

♥ Browfixer (copy & mod)

✥ Body Skin Appliers

♥::Loa:: Body Skin Appliers [BOM] ♥ at Löa Mainstore

. 11 skin tones of body skin.

. Fitted for Legacy, Maitreya, Kupra, Belleza.

. 4 options included: shine, matte, soft.

. Includes flat chest: Not for Kupra body.

. AddOns; No nipples & stretch marks (Belly)

Neckblend - Free gift.

♥ ::Loa:: Seamless *Neckblend* [For All Bodies] ♥ Free gift. at Löa Mainstore

Eyes Pack

♥::Loa:: Stelle Eyes Pack~LeLutka/OMEGA/Mesh/BOM~♥ at Löa Mainstore

This pack contains:

♥ LeLutka EVOLUTION/Origins Applier

♥ Omega Applier

♥ Texture HUD for mesh eyes

♥ Mesh eyes with compatible resizer HUD

♥ Eyes Alpha layer

♥ System Eyes <BOM>

♥ All my love and best wishes

**** 10 Eyes' textures included****

Music inspired: Jerusalema

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