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♥ MarcoPolo- Alice Dress Classic ♥♥NinaX: Break the Rules Babe Backdrop ♥

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

♕ # 96 Break always the rules, babe! ♕

Sponsor: MarcoPolo


♥ [-MarcoPolo- Alice Dress Classic [ ♥ at WIP Event

.For Maitreya, Petite, Kupra, Freya, HG.

.Hud driven.

.It is also a jean version of this dress in the same event.

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Sponsor: NINAX


♥ NinaX: Break the Rules Babe Backdrop ♥ at NINAX Mainstore & NINAX Marketplace

. 23 Land Impact

.Copy, Modify

.Materials Enabled (Advanced Lighting Required)

.Hud driven with 6 colors.

.Possibility to purchase in individual colors.

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