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♥MarcoPolo Camila Outfit♥Mura Beauty-Sahara F.Nails♥Opulein Be Bright Lipstick♥HD Eyeliners-24122♥

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

♕ # 246 Wherever you go, no matter what, Always bring your own sunshine ♕

Sponsor: -MarcoPolo-

♥-MarcoPolo- Camila Outfit ♥ at The Inithium Event

. New Exclusive for the event!

. Opens from 18th January to 8th February

. It has a shirt & shorts.

. Includes HUD driven with 12 colours.

. For Ebody Reborn, Legacy, Kupra & Maitreya,

. Material enabled

MarcoPolo Maintstore

MarcoPolo Marketplace

MarcoPolo Flickr

MarcoPolo Facebook

Sponsor: THIRSTY Event

. The Nails & lipstick used in this picture are at THIRSTY Event

. Opens from 15th January to 5th February.

✥ Store: Mura Beauty


♥Mura Beauty - Sahara French Nails ♥

. Includes 15 poses with breathing and mirrored options,

✥ Store: Opulein


♥Opulein: Be Bright Lipstick Set '2' ♥

. Includes HUD HD applier.

. 12 colours

. Fitted for LEL EVO + EVO X.

THIRSTY Event Landmark

THIRSTY Event Flickr

THIRSTY Event Facebook

THIRSTY Event Discord

Featuring: Diffuse Beauty


♥ HD Eyeliners - 24122 ♥ at Diffuse Mainstore

. Includes HUD HD applier.

. 9 Different Liners

. Fitted for LEL EVO + EVO X.

Diffuse Mainstore

Diffuse Marketplace Diffuse Facebook

Diffuse Flickr

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