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♥[Mow] Shadore Bodysuit ♥''Rosa'' Tattoo by Vezzo Ink ♥

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

♕ # 228 Never mess up with a woman who hangs up and down for fun ♕

Sponsor: MOW


♥[Mow] Shadore Bodysuit ♥ at MOW Mainstore

. Hud Driven - Many colours for bodysuit.

. Materials enabled.

. Compatible with:

- Maitreya

- Legacy

- Perky

- Freya

- HG.

- Kupra Original

- Kupra Low

- Kupra Bimbo

MOW Mainstore

MOW Marketplace

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Sponsor: Vezzo Ink Tattoo


♥ ''Rosa'' Tattoo by Vezzo Ink ♥ at Vezzo Ink Mainstore & Vezzo Ink Marketplace

. High-quality Innovative Tattoo Designs!!!

.Available in black and white colours!!!

.3 opacity options:100% - 75% - 50%

.Maitreya Applier HUD, Legacy HUD, OMEGA Applier HUD, Belleza Applier HUD, Signature Applier HUD, INTHIUM KUPRA

.BOM Applier

Vezzo Ink Mainstore

Vezzo Ink Marketplace

Vezzo Ink Flickr

Vezzo Ink Facebook

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