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♥MY BAGS.My Adana♥[piXit]Tabouret V2♥Chambre Dress♥Glitter Night The Bearded Guy♥[XTRV]Kayla♥

♕ # 218 Please, Table for 3, You, me & My Bag ♕

Sponsor: UNIK Event

.The bag, dress and pose pack used in this picture are at UNIK Event

. Opens from 7th to 28th November

✥ Store: MY BAGS


♥MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt My Adana ♥

.Includes Bag with pose and without pose hand.

.Includes HUD with 6 colours textures.

✥ Store: Haux


♥Chambre Dress ♥ at UNIK Event

. For Kupra, BBL & Legacy.

. Includes 7 colours

✥ Store : [piXit]

Pose Pack

♥[piXit] Tabouret V2 - F - P1♥ at UNIK Event

.Bento Pose Pack

.Includes 8 poses with the mirrors ones.

.Includes Stool, which appears as NO MODIFY due to the texture change script, but it is MODIFY enabled so you can resize or tint.

UNIK Event Landmark

UNIK Event Flickr

UNIK Event Facebook

UNIK Event Website

Sponsor: WOW Event

Store: The Bearded Guy


♥Fatpack Glitter Night - The Bearded Guy ♥ at WOW Event

. Opens from 12th to 30th November

. Fatpack includes the following backdrops: Blue touch, Passion stage, Matrix, Cyber Jungle, Our hell Rare & Baby rose.

. The baby rose backdrop is used in this picture. The colours look a bit darker due to the Windlight I used for the picture,

. Advanced lights are recommended.

WOW Event

WOW Flickr

WOW Facebook

WOW Instagram

Featuring: Extrav

Flexi & Mesh ponytail + Hairbase

♥[XTRV] - Kayla ♥

.Flexi & Mesh ponytail

.Includes hairbase Basic Base for EVO, EVOX, & Genus.

.Hairbases are 360 and skinless.

.Includes Kayla tail - Curly bundle.

Extrav Mainstore

Extrav Marketplace

Extrav Facebook

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