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♥{OBD} Kalchek Scarf Drapes ♥

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

♕ # 101 Think of drapes as the lipsticks of decorating ♕

Sponsor: {Old Barn Door} Village & Store


♥{OBD} Kalchek Scarf Drapes ♥ at {Old Barn Door} Village & Store Mainstore


.These are beautifully crafted, highly detailed curtains!!.

.They feature a white sheer scarf around the top and sides.

.These drapes are completely modifiable to fit windows of any size!

.These drapes open on both sides, so if you only want the left side open you can, and also with the right side, or you may open both...just click the side of drapes you would like to move and they realistically slide slowly open!

.Very Strong LOD and super detailed mesh! Curtains show on the front and backside!!

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