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♥-[ Phy.Ka ]- 029/FP - Latexa Body♥♥Vezzo Ink Tattoo Thai Fatp.♥[Indecent Affairs] Lapdance Chair♥

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

♕ # 283 Regretting it..♕

Sponsor: -[ Phy.Ka ]

Latex Body

♥-[ Phy.Ka ]- 029/FP - Latexa Body♥ -[ Phy.Ka ]- Mainstore

. Includes Latexa Body

. Rigged for Kupra (O/L/B)and Kups (A/B) Female and Shemale version.

. 10 individual textures, each with 3 levels of transparency

. Fat Pack Include 10 Latex Textures+ 5 special ones and 3 metals.

. 3 Level of transparency to choose with HUD.

. Beautiful chain detail from the neck hanging on her back.

Sponsor: Vezzo Ink Tattoo


♥Vezzo Ink Tattoo - Thai Fatpack♥ at :INKSanity: Event

.Opens 5th to 20th March

.EXCLUSIVE ''Thai'' tattoo

.Available in FATPACK of 2 colors (Black & White) and sold separated.

.3 opacity options - .100% - 75% - 50%

.Fitted for:

.Maitreya Applier HUD

.Legacy HUD

.OMEGA Applier HUD

.Belleza Applier HUD

.Signature Applier HUD

.BOM Applier

.Available at the Event until 20/3 and after at Vezzo Ink Mainstore

.Thank you and Enjoy!!! ❤

**Cecil Revol and Sleeh Revol are using the same tattoo**.

Sponsor: WOW Event

Store: [Indecent Affairs]


♥[Indecent Affairs] Lapdance Chair♥ at WOW Event

. Opens from 12th to 30th March

. Includes chair with many textures colors for leather, legs, suede.

. Access can be for owner, group, and all.

. Animations lapdance, pole dance, foreplay, cuddles, single and adult.

** Pose for Revol and Sleeh Revol are not included in the chair**

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