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♥[Phy.Ka]Garter Pochette♥[POUT!] Season Ey.♥Dernier"Supernova"L. ♥Vezzo Ink''PIT"♥1313 Lust Teddy♥

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

♕ # 233 You have the power to say strongly: "This is NOT how my story will end"!♕

Sponsor: -[ Phy.Ka ]


♥-[ Phy.Ka ]- 046/FP - Garter Pochette♥ at Kinky Event

.New Release for Kinky Event December Round

. Opens 28th December to the 22nd January

.Garter Pochette - Tight & Large Version.

.Fit for INITHIUM, Maitreya and Legacy.

.Each bag includes a HUD to allow you to change 3 ''METAL'' Texture

.The Fatpack HUD allows you to choose: 8 Leather texture + 2 Special | 3 Metal

.Materials and environment enabled - ULTRA HD texture

-[ Phy.Ka ]- Mainstore

-[ Phy.Ka ]- Marketplace

-[ Phy.Ka ]- Flickr

-[ Phy.Ka ]- Facebook

Sponsor: [POUT!]


♥[POUT!] Season Seduction Eyeshadows♥ at <a href=""> The makeover Room Event </a>

. NEW & Exclusive for this event.

. Opens from 1t to 26th January

. 12 BOM eyeshadows

. The look may vary depending on which head & shape combo you use.

. It is made and fitted for Lelutka Evo X mesh heads ONLY!

. Bake on mesh layers, NO APPLIERS!

[POUT!] Mainstore

[POUT!] Marketplace

[POUT!] Flickr

[POUT!] Facebook

Sponsor: Dernier


♥: Dernier: "Supernova" Lipstick (FATPACK)♥ at Dernier Mainstore

This lipstick is available in 6 tones.


- Lelutka Evolution HD (Works on Classic & Evo X)

Dernier Mainstore

Dernier Marketplace

Dernier Flickr

Dernier Facebook

Dernier Instagram

Sponsor: 1313 Mockingbird Lane


♥ (*<*) 1313 Lust Teddy - Fatpack ♥ at 1313 Mockingbird Lane Mainstore

. Fitted for Maitreya, M.Petite, Kupra, Kupra Kups, Legacy, L. Perky, & L. Petite.

. Includes 10 colour HUD for customizing body, ruffle, lacing & bows.

. Includes 4 colour HUD metal.

. Includes custom BOM Alpha.

1313 Mockingbird Lane Marketplace

1313 Mockingbird Lane Flickr

1313 Mockingbird Lane Facebook

Sponsor: Vezzo Ink Tattoo


♥Vezzo Ink ''PIT'' UNISEX tattoo ♥ at Vezzo Ink Mainstore & Vezzo Ink Tattoo Marketplace

.Available in FATPACK & Black and White single colors!!!

.3 opacity options -

.100% - 75% - 50%

.Maitreya Applier HUD

.Legacy HUD

.OMEGA Applier HUD

.Belleza Applier HUD

.Signature Applier HUD


.BOM Applier

Vezzo Ink Mainstore

Vezzo Ink Marketplace

Vezzo Ink Flickr

Vezzo Ink Facebook

Thank you and enjoy!!! ♥

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