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♥POSH Event:BG Zaira Set & SunnyVibesHearty Kitsune♥ UNIK Event:piXit La Plage &Alaia Nails Unique♥

♕ # 335 good friends are like a 4-leaf-clover: They are hard to find and lucky to have! ♕

Sponsor: POSH Event

. Outfit & Tattoo used in this picture are used in this picture are at POSH Event

. Opens from 1th to 23rd June

✥ Store: ::BG:


♥ ::BG:: Zaira Set ♥

. Includes dress, choker and shoes.

. Fitted for:

- Legacy

- Maitreya

- Kupra

- Reborn

✥ Store: lSunnyVibesl


♥lSunnyVibesl - Hearty Kitsune ♥

. Fitted Face Tattoo BOM

. 4 colours: blue, green, purple and red

POSH Event

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Sponsor: UNIK Event

.The Nails & Poses used in this picture are at UNIK Event Landmark

. Opens from 7th to 28th June

✥ Store: [piXit]


♥[piXit] La Plage - F - P1 ♥

. Includes posestand

. 8 poses and mirror option.

✥ Store: Alaia Store


♥Alaia Store Unique Nails ♥

. Includes square, almond and stiletto options.

. Includes many colour options.

. Fitted for:

- Legacy

- Maitreya

- Kupra

- Belleza

UNIK Event Landmark

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