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♥POSH Event : [NTC] Harness & {A-List} DOLLZ Pride tatooo ♥{The Boobies Planet}: HS. Yessica Heels ♥

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

♕ # 328 Always find me when you look at the stars ♕

Sponsor: POSH Event

. Dress & Tattoo used in this picture are used in this picture are at POSH Event

. Opens from 1th to 23rd June

✥ Store: [NTC]


♥[NTC] Boom Harness Dress ♥

. Includes Harness

. Fitted for Kupra Orig, Kupra Bimbo, & Kupra Low

✥ Store: {A-List}


♥{A-List} DOLLZ Pride thigh tatooo ♥

. Includes


. 3 options opacity: 50%, 75 % & Fresh

POSH Event

POSH Event Facebook

POSH Flickr

POSH Event Instagram

Sponsor: {The Boobies Planet} Event

.The Lingerie used in this picture is at {The Boobies Planet} Event

Opens from 9th to 23rd June

✥Store: Hot Stuff

♥.HS. Yessica Heels♥

. Includes heeks

. Includes HUD for the 20 colours for platform and shoes & 6 metals in Fatpack.

. Fitted for:

- Legacy

- Maitreya

- Kupra

- Erika

- Reborn

{The Boobies Planet} Event

{The Boobies Planet} Event Flickr

{The Boobies Planet} Event Facebook

{The Boobies Planet} Event Discord

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