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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

♕ # 354 Just do all things with love and passion♕

Sponsor: POSH Event

. The Outfit & Collar used in this picture used in this picture are at POSH Event

. Opens from 1th to 23rd July

✥ Store: :.iAmH3r!


♥.iAmH3r! - L1nda! Set - Red ♥

. Includes top, belt and skirt

. Fitted for:

- Legacy

- Maitreya

- Kupra

- Reborn

- Freya

✥ Store: ::SMC::


♥::SMC:: Abigial Bow Collar♥

. Includes Collar

. Includes HUD with many colours.

POSH Event

POSH Event Facebook

POSH Flickr

POSH Event Instagram

Sponsor: FAGA


♥FAGA - Rachel Hairstyle - [PRO PACK]♥ at FAGA Mainstore

. Opens 1st July to 24th July

This Bento and rigged hairstyle Includes:

Basic Pack:

• 3 colour packs HUDs

• 396 Color FULL PACK

• Optional Bangs

• 3 head sizes

• Materials, Fullbirght, Glow and Tint HUD

• Color change for accessories

• Option of materials + Full Shine + Glow.

Style Pack:

• 4 customizable styles for hair.

FAGA Mainstore

FAGA Flickr

FAGA Facebook

FAGA Markerplace

Sponsor: UNIK Event

.The Tattoo & Pose Pack used in this picture are at UNIK Event Landmark

. Opens from 7th to 28th July

✥ Store: DO INK



. Compatible with many bodies + BOM

✥ Store:[piXit]

Pose Pack

♥[piXit] Miyoshi - P2 - Pose Pack♥

. Includes Pose Stand

. Include normal and mirror options.

UNIK Event Landmark

UNIK Event Flickr

UNIK Event Facebook

UNIK Event Website

Sponsor: WIP Event

. The Lipstick & Brows used in this picture are at WIP Event Landmark

. Opens from 2nd June - 22nd July

✥ Store: ::Modish::


♥::Modish::Lovebug [Colors] LeluEvoX♥

. Fitted for Evo/ EvoX

. Includes HUD many colors tones.

✥ Store:[SB]


♥[SB] Brows: JuliaWater SoftArch S ESSENTIALS (EvoX)♥

. Fitted for EvoX

. Includes HUD with 5 HD Brows

. Include BOM option.

. Include eyebrow shape.

WIP Event Landmark

WIP Event Flickr

WIP Event Facebook

WIP Event Instagram WIP Event Discord

Sponsor: 1990


♥1990 - Chrome Blood Set ♥at LEVEL EVENT </a>

. Opens from 1st to 24th July

. Includes Nails

. Size regular and XL

. Coffin & Stiletto

. Fitted for:

- Legacy

- Maitreya

- Kupra / Kups


- Reborn

1990 Mainstore

1990 Flickr

1990 Instagram

Featuring Store: SEmotion


♥SEmotion Libellune Wild Cubs Companion♥ at SEmotion Mainstore

.Includes HUD with 11 animations

.Includes cheetah, panther and etc companions.

SEmotion Mainstore

SEmotion Flickr

SEmotion Facebook

SEmotion Instagram

Sponsor: {The Boobies Planet} Event

.The Leg Bows used in this picture is at {The Boobies Planet} Event

Opens from 9th to 23rd July

✥ Store: -HollyGirl-

♥-HollyGirl- Leg Bows - Maze Soft Thighs ♥

. Includes HUD 20 options

. Fitted for:

- Legacy

- Kupra

- Reborn

{The Boobies Planet} Event

{The Boobies Planet} Event Flickr

{The Boobies Planet} Event Facebook

{The Boobies Planet} Event Discord

Featuring: Gemini Store

✥ Sandals

♥Gemini -Jen Sandals- COOL PACK & WARM PACK♥ at The Vault! Event

. Opens from 9th July

.Includes HUD for the 6 customizable parts, 15 colours, metal


. 2 heights

. Fitted for:

- Legacy /Perky

- Maitreya / Petite

- Kupra / Kups

- Reborn

Gemini Store Mainstore

Gemini Store Marketplace

Gemini Store Flickr

Gemini Store Facebook

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