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♥ Roseraie- #4 Pose Pack & ♥ cakebatter / katrina at Thirsty event♥ ♥Vezzo Ink Tattoo - Mariann ♥

♕ # 223 Watch out! I can be your road to hell or heaven ♕

Sponsor: THIRSTY Event

. The chain panty and Pose Pack used in this picture are at THIRSTY Event

. Opens from 15th November to 5th December♕ Sponsor: THIRSTY Event

✥ Store: Roseraie

Pose Pack

♥ Roseraie- #4 Pose Pack♥

. Includes HUD

. It has 4 poses animation, curvier. curvy and heels options.

. Poses can look a little different than the ad when you pose. This will be because everybody has another body shape.

. This poses works with all bento hands

✥ Store: cakebatter

chain panty

♥ cakebatter / katrina ♥

. Rigged for Kupra, Legacy & Maitreya.

. Includes 8 colours

. Each colour with gold and silver option.

Sponsor: Vezzo Ink Tattoo


♥Vezzo Ink Tattoo - Mariann ♥ at Vezzo Ink Mainstore & Vezzo Ink Markeplace

. High-quality Innovative Tattoo Designs!!!

. This is a FATPACK of 2 colour versions TATTOO (wHITE & bLACK) and 3 opacity options.

. Fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, Signature, Legacy, INTHIUM KUPRA, Omega & BOM, you can change them with my HUD included.

. Individual colour can be purchased,

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