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♥ Ruxy-Stella ♥♥-MUSU- Deck Turret♥♥ Moonley Inc. - Retro Space Travel Frame Set 1 ♥The SciFi EXPO ♥

♕ # 175 Hey, you picked the wrong board. Here, we are always strong and fight on!♕

♥Let's fight Cancer, together! Please, if you want to support the fight against Breast Cancer. You can visit the SciFi Expo! ♥

. The 2021 SciFi Expo: Journey To New Eden. To Benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and The American Cancer Society.

Sponsor: The SciFi Expo

. The Outfit, turret & frames are at The SciFi Expo

. The event opens from October 8th to 17th.

✥ Store: Ruxy's Design


♥ Ruxy-Stella ♥

. EXclusive SciFi Expo

. For body: Maitreya

. Includes costume, shoes and helmet.

✥ Store: -MUSU-


♥-MUSU- Deck Turret♥

. Rez the turret, And sit in the chair!.

. WASD To move the turret - Click to shoot!

✥ Store: Moonley Inc.


♥ Moonley Inc. - Retro Space Travel Frame Set 1♥

. Includes Earth, Mars, Jupiter

. There are more frame sets in the expo.

. 100 % Mesh

. 2 land impact.

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