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♥ Temizi Store ''Shimmering Fantasy'' (LeLUTKA EVO X/Evolution) ♥ ♥ Klaw Pastel Ombre Set ♥

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

♕ # 124 My eyeshadows and my nails are perfect .. ♕

Sponsor: Temizi Store


♥ Temizi Store ''Shimmering Fantasy'' (LeLUTKA EVO X/Evolution) ♥ at Temizi Mainstore & Temizi Marketplace

.15 colours - HUD

.Includes option with and without stars in the eyeshadows.

.Using the star's version in this picture.

Temizi Mainstore

Temizi Marketplace

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Featuring: KLAW


♥ Klaw Pastel Ombre Set ♥ at KLAW Mainstore & KLAW Marketplace

. Includes Stiletto, Coffin and Square.

. Size XXL.

KLAW Mainstore

KLAW Marketplace

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