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♥{The Boobies Planet}Event♥eBento Event♥UNIK Event♥POSH Event♥Pure Rich CAROLINE♥UNIVERSATrue Col.♥

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

♕ # 306 Fly baby fly, Reaching the stars above and Touching the sky ♕

Sponsor: {The Boobies Planet} Event

.The trikini used in this picture is at {The Boobies Planet} Event

Opens from 7th to 21st April

✥ Store: Hot Stuff.

♥.Hot Stuff. Trikini ♥

. Exclusive gift for this event this month.

. Fitted for :

- Legacy

- eBody Reborn

- Kupra

- Kalhene Erika

. HUD applier - 4 Patterns options

{The Boobies Planet} Event

{The Boobies Planet} Event Flickr

{The Boobies Planet} Event Facebook

{The Boobies Planet} Event Discord

Sponsor: POSH Event

. The tattoos for the face and body used in this picture are at POSH Event

. Opens from 1th to 23rd April

✥ Store: Build.a.Baddie.


♥Build.a.Baddie. Naughty Teddiez Collection♥

. Includes 11 tattoos/Legs for right and left.

. BOM appliers.

✥ Store: [Reveur Studio]


♥[Reveur Studio] CORSET TEASE L SET♥

. Includes tattoos for body

. BOM appliers.

. Opacity 50% ,75% y 100%

POSH Event

POSH Event Facebook

POSH Flickr

POSH Event Instagram

Sponsor: eBENTO The Event

.The Tattoo and Eyeshadowsare at eBENTO The Event

. Opens from 11th to 30th April

✥ Store: Blurr


♥Blurr ~ Inner Eye Gems♥

. Includes 6 tattoos Gems

. BOM appliers.

. 6 colours

. 2 sizes

✥ Store: [LEMPIKA]


♥[LEMPIKA] eyeshadows # 2 ♥

. Includes 15 eyeshadows colours

. HUD applier.


eBENTO The Event

eBENTO The Event Website

eBENTO The Event Facebook

eBENTO The Event Flickr

eBENTO The Event Instagram

Sponsor: UNIK Event

.The Choker & lipsticks used in this picture are at UNIK Event Landmark

. Opens from 7th to 28th April

✥ Store: Livido


♥::Livido:: Toxic Choker ♥

. You can also find the Spanish version *Toxica*

. Includes normal choker and open collar option

. Includes HUD with 20 colours for leather and 9 colours for the metals

. Mix & Match Option

. Unrigged

. Materials enabled

✥ Store: [LEMPIKA]


♥[LEMPIKA] Lipsticks # 48 ♥

. Includes 10 Lipsticks colours

. HUD applier.


UNIK Event Landmark

UNIK Event Flickr

UNIK Event Facebook

UNIK Event Website

Sponsor: [PureRich]

✥ Jewel-Hand

♥[PureRich] CAROLINE-{Jewel}-{Hand}♥ at # BIGGIRL Event

. Opens 15th April to 10th May

. Fitted for: - Maitreya, TMP Legacy, Belleza Isis, Freya &


- Love Body Mommy, Kalhene Erika & Analexa

- Inithium Kupra, eBody Reborn, Signature Alice,

- SLink Hourglass, Tonic Curvy & Fine beauty

- Cinnamon & Chai.

. Includes HUD with:

- 60 Preset colours, 12 Custom colours,

- Inspirational colours sets, 3 Shiny modes, Glow, Full Bright, & Materials.

[PureRich] Mainstore


[PureRich] Flickr

[PureRich] Facebook

[PureRich] Website

Sponsor: Universa Store


♥# UNIVERSA - True Colors Bento Set♥ at Universa Store Mainstore

. Bento nails

. Fitted for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, BBL/BBW, Belleza & Reborn

Universa Store Mainstore

Universa Store Marketplace

Universa Store Flickr

Universa Store Facebook

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