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♥{The Boobies Planet} Event♥Unik Event♥ FAGA♥ETERNUS♥GOTHIC MERMAID♥Vezzo Ink Tattoo♥GEMINI Lidia♥

♕ # 300 Every time you smile, your eyes sparkle and show me a place full of joy and calm ♕

Sponsor: {The Boobies Planet} Event

.The Lingerie used in this picture is at {The Boobies Planet} Event

Opens from 7th to 21st April

✥ Store: TREND

♥TREND - Love Lingerie - Fatpack♥

. Includes Bra & Thong

. Includes HUD for the 30 colours, 3 metallics & 4 metals in Fatpack.

. Materials ON/OFF

. Fitted for:

- Legacy

- Maitreya / Petite

- Kupra

- Erika

- Reborn

{The Boobies Planet} Event

{The Boobies Planet} Event Flickr

{The Boobies Planet} Event Facebook

{The Boobies Planet} Event Discord

Sponsor: UNIK Event

.The Eye Makeup & Pose Gift used in this picture is at UNIK Event Landmark

. Opens from 7th to 28th April

✥ Store: DO INK

Eye Makeup


. Includes 5 BOM Appliers colours

. Fitted for // LeL Evo X

✥ Store: *EM*


♥ *EM* UNIK Gift pose ♥

. Bento Pose - only one.

UNIK Event Landmark

UNIK Event Flickr

UNIK Event Facebook

UNIK Event Website

Sponsor : [Eternus]

✥ Headband

♥[[Eternus] Sandra Headband ♥ at [Eternus] Mainstore

. Includes :

. HUD Details Driven - 7 colours for the ears, ears inner, ribbon and bows and lace.

. Materials enabled.

[Eternus] Mainstore

[Eternus] Marketplace

[Eternus] Flickr

[Eternus] Facebook



♥GOTHIC MERMAID-FEELS-HD LIPS-EVO/EVOX ♥ at Gothic Mermaid Mainstore & Gothic Mermaid Marketplace


. HD LIPS fitted for EVO / EVO X

. Includes 6 s colours options

Gothic Mermaid Mainstore

Gothic Mermaid Marketplace

Gothic Mermaid Flickr

Gothic Mermaid Facebook

Sponsor: Vezzo Ink Tattoo


♥Vezzo Ink Tattoo - Stella ♥ at UBER Event

. New Release and collaboration with Fashionnatic !!!

. Opens the 25th March to 22nd April

. Available in FATPACK of 5 colours (Black, Purple, Red) and 3 single colours (Red & Black)

.3 opacity options - .100% - 75% - 50%

.Maitreya Applier HUD

.Legacy HUD

.OMEGA Applier HUD

.Belleza Applier HUD

.Signature Applier HUD

.BOM Applier

.Available at the Event until 20/3 and after at Vezzo Ink Mainstore

.Thank you and Enjoy!!! ❤

Vezzo Ink Mainstore

Vezzo Ink Marketplace

Vezzo Ink Flickr

Vezzo Ink Facebook

Sponsor: FAGA


♥FAGA - Kalia Hairstyle - [PRO PACK]♥ at FAGA Mainstore & FAGA Marketplace

This Bento and rigged hairstyle Includes:

Basic Pack:

• 2 head sizes

• 4 chest sizes

• 205 Color HUD

• Tint HUD

• Optional Bangs

• Option of materials + Full Shine + Glow.

Style Pack:

• 4 Style HUD - Customizable

• This is a version (PRO PACK) in the original version with everything you need to show off your hairstyle.

FAGA Mainstore

FAGA Flickr

FAGA Facebook

FAGA Markerplace

Featuring: Gemini Store

Cecil Revol is wearing the Sandals from :

✥ Sandals

♥Gemini -Lidia Sandals- COOL PACK & WARM PACK♥ at Gemini Store Mainstore

. Includes HUD for the 6 customizable parts & 10 colours

. Materials ON/OFF

. Fitted for:

- Legacy /Perky

- Maitreya / Petite

- Kupra / Kups

- Reborn

Cecil Revol is using the Warm pack

Gemini Store Mainstore

Gemini Store Marketplace

Gemini Store Flickr

Gemini Store Facebook

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