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♥UNIK Event:C.Y<3Fashion]*MARTINA*♥{Fantasy world} Cat ♥Ebento Event: PYPS::. &M&T POSE♥

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

♕ # 373 Hope and Dandelions ♕

Sponsor: UNIK Event

.The Outfit & Garterused in this picture are at UNIK Event Landmark

. Opens from 7th to 28th August

✥ Store: [C.Y<3Fashion]



. Includes Outfit

. Includes HUD colors

. Fitted for

- Legacy/Push

- Kupra

- Reborn

- Maitreya

✥ Store: {Fantasy world}


♥{Fantasy world} Cat garters♥

. Includes Garter

. Includes HUD colors

. Fitted for

- Legacy

- Reborn

- Maitreya

UNIK Event Landmark

UNIK Event Flickr

UNIK Event Facebook

UNIK Event Website

Sponsor: eBENTO The Event

. The Glasses & Neck Deformer & Pose Pack and Animations used in this event are at eBENTO The Event

.Opens from 11th to 30th August

✥ Store: ::PYPS::.


♥.::PYPS::. Butterfly glasses ♥

. Includes:

- glasses

- HUD.

✥ Store: M&T

Pose Pack

♥Mixtape Poses - dandelion (Bento) ♥

. Includes pose pack and pose stand

. Includes single pose

eBENTO The Event

eBENTO The Event Website

eBENTO The Event Facebook

eBENTO The Event Flickr

eBENTO The Event Instagram

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