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♥[V] Luna Set &[ L I G E I A ] Hallo Beret atTHIRSTY Event♥[2Love] Zara Sneaker at The Inithium Ev♥

♕# 207 Are you ready for a trip with me?

Sponsor: THIRSTY Event

. The necklace, face tattoo & earrings used in this picture are at THIRSTY Event

. Opens from 15th October to 5th November

✥ Store: Vacancy Store


♥[V] Luna Set ♥

. Includes top & skirt.

. For Legacy & Kupra Orig,

. 8 colours.

✥ Store: [ L I G E I A ]


♥ [ L I G E I A ] Hallo Beret ♥

. 8 colours to choose from.

. Mod Resizer.

THIRSTY Event Landmark

THIRSTY Event Flickr

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THIRSTY Event Discord

Sponsor: 2LOVE

✥ Store: [[2Love]]


♥[[2Love]] Zara Sneakers ♥ at The Inithium Event

. Group Gift The Inithium Event

. Opens 20th October to the 8th November

. For Belleza, Maitreya, Legacy, Slink & Kupra Orig,

. 10 colors.

2Love Mainstore

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