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♥WIP Event:Ghee - Juliet Fatpack +Blue Flower - Bunny Emoji Headphones♥JK Poses - Let Me Down Pack♥

♕ # 423 It's not forever, but it's just tonight. Oh, we're still the greatest♕

Sponsor: WIP Event

. The stockings and glasses used in this picture are at WIP Event Landmark

. Opens from 2nd - 22nd January

✥ Store :Ghee


♥Ghee - Juliet Fatpack ♥

. Includes Bodysuit

. Includes colours,

. Fitted for:

- Legacy/Perky

- Maitreya/Petite

- Kupra / Kups

- Reborn

✥ Store :Blue Flower


♥Blue Flower - Bunny Emoji Headphones♥

. Includes headphones

. Includes HUD colors

. Option for head and neck

WIP Event Landmark

WIP Event Flickr

WIP Event Facebook

WIP Event Instagram WIP Event Discord

Featuring: JK Poses

✥ Poses

♥ JK Poses - Let Me Down Pack Bento Poses♥ at JK Poses

. Set of static poses for girls

. Includes :3 static pose bento and 3 poseballs

Music inspired: Sex on Fire- Kings Of Leon

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